1. Shock Bone

From the recording Shock Bone

On FrodoCPU's release "THIRD"


Shock Bone

We were sound asleepWe were in too deepThe hill was much too steep
We were locked to the pastWe were running too fastNow the bill is due at last

Up ahead Clouds are darkeningUp ahead Life is disappearingIt’s been said We passed  the point of no returnIt’s been said That we can never learn

Water is burningMountains are crumblingWeather is turningShock stone, shock bone

There’s a storm at seaIt wasn’t meant to beSoon we will believe
I can feel the painOf the poisoned rainIt was all for no real gain

As we speed To an uncertain futureSlaves to greed Of nickels and dimesAs we grope To arrive at some sanityGraves of hope We pray it’s not too late