This is pop heaven. Gorgeous production and powerful vocals abound. This one is sure to inspire a whole new generation of Frodo converts.” - not known

— Independent Songwriter

..... FrodoCPU is immensely listenable, if there is such a word. Here, we have a collection of easy listening pop/rock, soulful tunes and ballads which can be put on in the background when work is just getting on top of you. It's nice to get a chance to review music which doesn't just slot into the stereotypical "modern dance" genre. .....” - Weird Bob

— KlubKat

The musical composition is excellent. Frode had an army of talented musicians and vocalists backing this effort. The FRODOCPU cd makes extensive use of synthesizers and keyboards to create a unique blend of sounds that are very pleasing to the ear. Love Eye is one track that stands out with a weaving of vocals from both Frode Holm and former Don Henley backup singer Jana Anderson. This tracks reggae style will have you swaying to the music. If your looking for a new soulful rock artist to add to your collection, FRODOCPU may be the CD you've been searching for.” - K.W.

— The Musician's Resource Page

Wow! Some material here that really cooks. "It’s Time" is jazz influenced, but in a Latin/Santana way. I’m sure you all know how much I "hate" guitar playing! Excellent! Thank you for that nice little whammied harmonic series of notes right at the 70 second mark. Glad to hear creative playing! I’d better "can" the redundant exclamation points, but sometimes I can’t help myself when I hear a great guitarist for the first time. Singing and harmonies are likewise excellent. Great feel to the entire song. A neat little piece with some awesome guitarahhhhhhhh !” - Bob Porri

— MP3 Artist Archive

This release immediately was put into my *to keep forever* section, which is rare these days that I get loads of releases every week - a winner .. a true winner ... very, VERY recommended!!!” - Lord Litter

— Lord Litter

The Global Muse Album Review FrodoCPU blends the beauty of great songwriting and musical expertise to create an album of superior adult contemporary style pop. The songs are about love and life, passions and romance. The music is very artistic and contains a classic style that has long been missing in today's pop realm. From the days when synthesizers ruled the airwaves and music with feeling was the king of the charts, this music brings a new light to the future of pop. With a Steely Dan kind of funky groove, this music moves the listener in ways that modern pop could never. Songs like "Long Distance Friend" and "Waiting For You" simply sum up the musical experience of this great style. I really enjoyed this music and found it to be the missing link in today's sound. The music fans who will be attracted to this music are the ones who appreciate the classical pop sound and want a little more romance and passion in their music of choice. All in all, this is one great album and something that a lot of people could enjoy if given the chance.” - Michael Allison

— The Global Muse


August 31 2023    

A 'lost' track from 2001 featuring Eleanor Grant on lead vocals on "Dedicated To My Love For You" is due for relase on September 8th. All platforms.

August 20 2023   

Next album on track for release early 2024. 

March 10 2022

Holm CPU - ".login" released on Norske Albumklassikere. 

November 15 2019 

Released a new video: "Shock Bone". Off THIRD.

August 26 2019

"THIRD" got accepted to Pandora!

July 21 2019

Featured on Blue Desert. The premier site for fans of West Coast music.

July 9 2019

Live on Bear Radio.

July 7 2019

Released a new video: "Somebody to Love". Off THIRD.


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