Shock Bone

We were sound asleep
We were in too deep
The hill was much too steep
We were locked to the past
We were running too fast
Now the bill is due at last
Up ahead
          Clouds are darkening
Up ahead
          Life is disappearing
It’s been said
          We passed
          the point of no return
It’s been said
          That we can never learn
Water is burning
Mountains are crumbling
Weather is turning
Shock stone, shock bone
There’s a storm at sea
It wasn’t meant to be
Soon we will believe
I can feel the pain
Of the poisoned rain
It was all for no real gain
As we speed
          To an uncertain future
Slaves to greed
          Of nickels and dimes
As we grope
          To arrive at some sanity
Graves of hope
          We pray it’s not too late


A Life Like That

There’s a cat living in my house
She’s as pretty as she can be
Lying around most of the day
Dreaming her feline fantasies
But when night comes around
          it’s party time
with all her fine and dandy friends
After watching a fight
          or two perhaps
It’s time to get down
          and lick some behinds
Oh lord,
          why did you give me this hat
Tell me please
Why can’t I have a life like that
(I want a life like that)

 She might find some interest
          in a mouse
And she’ll do what a cat’s
          supposed to do
But other than that,
          she knows where it’s free
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
          and a snack or three
Oh lord,
          why did you give me this hat
Tell me please
Why can’t I have a life like that
(I want a life like that
With her charming ways
          and endless love
She has captured everyone’s devotion
There’s a hug and a kiss
          in every direction
A radiant sun of affectionate emotion
Oh lord,
          I’m such a miserable rat
Tell me please
Why can’t I have a life like that
(I want a life like that)
It is said a cat’s supposed
          to have nine lives
I must say that I’m inclined to agree
I can’t find a trace
          of a worry to her soul
Even though I’m sure, she knows,
          she’ll eventually go
Oh lord,
          next time perhaps I’m a cat
Just for once
I want to have a Life Like That 


Still Here

You know, life’s a gamble
I’m still here
We take our chances
But I’m still here

There’s been some dicey moments
I did survive
You can’t predict the outcome
I’m still alive
Tied to invisible tethers
That could break away

As the years roll by
You realize
It’s not gonna last forever

Face to face
With my mortal self
I’ll look it in the eye

I’m still here
I ain’t going anywhere

You may not know it
But it’s still there
The scratch on that surface
I put it there

This ancient set of footprints
Was someone’s feet
A walk before the sunrise
The sun to greet
The weave of invisible stories
Is who we are

As the years wear down
In the scheme of things
I may not amount to much

When time’s laid down
We all will be
Stick figures on the wall

I’m still here
I ain’t going anywhere

I say yes
We say no
I say hi
We say lo
I say whole lotta nothin’
We say there’s a
Whole lot of love

I’m still here
I ain’t going anywhere


It Has Come To This

Once I was bold
With visions high
I’ll be a star
In a rock ‘n roll band

Thought I was meant for greatness
Thought I had it figured out
My guiding star
was lost ‘n restless
Missing what it’s all about

Along came a life
          With many sharp turns
Walking on
ground of shifting sands
choices were made
the dream was going to burn

Now, It has Come to This
It wasn’t my plan
It has Come to This
I’m a 9 to 5 man

The connection was hot
With passions high
This could be the one
I will be around

Want it to be for the long haul
Want to make emotional bonds
Then we stepped across
some boundary
Now we’re in the doubting zone
We weren’t the ones
          We thought we’d be
Thorns on the side
          It hurts to sleep
Two minds at odds
How is this gonna end?

It has come to this
We made a mistake
It has come to this
We have to make a break
It has come to this
We stopped being nice
It has come to this
The flame has turned into ice

Broken dreams
Failed attempts
Moments lost
Chances missed
Try again
Make amends
The trail is gone
In the fog

It has come to this
This is my life
It has come to this
It’s not all that bad
It has come to this
Let’s carry  that load
It has come to this
It’s been one for the road


Lament (Song For a Soul)

Sounds of every moment
Sounds of echoes future, past
Are  here, to last

Dream tomorrow’s sunshine
Memories of sweet, sweet love
In the sky above

When I left my cradle
A random trail or fate’s own road?
Do we choose?  Are we code?

Kings and pawns all wonder
How to make their souls be pure
Alive and sure

Separate worlds colliding
Tearing at love’s fragile weave
We must believe

All the time I’ve wasted
Moments never tasted
Dreams and longing
They’re within me too

Visions of an old song
Visions of its magic notes
In the air, they float

Will it end, I wonder
Mysteries of love untold
Turn stone to gold

Secrets of the ages
Hidden in life’s pages

Dreams and longing
They’re within me too

A Song for a Soul


Warm Wind

Years lost from sight
When nothing ever
seemed to go right
I’ve been locked inside
          My winter’s prison
Where fate has turned its back
Drowning every little hope
While my screams die in silence

But a day is near
But the days are near
The day is here
I can feel it in the air

I can feel a
Warm Wind blowing in the rain
It brings the spring again
Where is the light
My friend,
to see that life has it right
when all you feel is
          desperation’s darkness
Where joy is supposed to be
But listen to the wind’s voice
Your heart will find an answer

Everything will change
Everything is change
All that is will change
As night must turn to day

There will be a
Warm Wind blowing in the rain
It brings the spring again



Gray sky, it’s gonna rain now
Where, is there a warm shelter
I guess,
I should get myself  downtown
But I’ll find nothing new
See the same old faces
Go to the same places
The route is never long
I want out!
Here, I am walking in a circle
I’m just walking in a circle

I have, an important thought I follow
Believe, it may lead to freedom
A spark,
with the power to change things
The fire won’t ignite
I’m working all the bellows
The wood’s already burnt out
Finally I get up
Say stop!

I’m walking in the same old footsteps
I’m walking in my own old footsteps
Just walking in the same old footsteps
Make an escape
Breathe some new air
Different spaces
What a view!
Paris, Rome, San Francisco
Travel the world
(But) habits die hard
Nothing happens here!

I’m walking in the same old footsteps
I’m walking in my own old footsteps

Walking, walking
Walking in the same old footsteps
Round and round


Stood Up

It started out small
With email, text and chat
Some hours on the phone
It was starting to look
There was something there
Soon I was on the hook

Could I meet you where?

We agreed on a place
In a neutral space
Dinner for two reserved
I was headed
For a blind date
Maybe meet a mate?

Ready to go!

But I was Stood Up
I was played like a fool
I was Stood Up
She’s the Queen of Sweet Deception
I was Stood Up

She got me pretty bad
What makes me really mad:
I will never know why
          She did THAT

(Oh no, I can’t read minds)
She gave me the goods
Photos and live feeds
As real as it’s gonna get
We were going to meet
in the middle place
A hundred miles away

It was New Year’s Eve that day!

Driving down the coast
I started to worry
Why wasn’t she on the phone?
But she’d made the reservation
An appointed station
An upscale dinner for two

But I’m the only guest!

I was stood up
I was played like a fool
I was stood up
She’s a
          Make Believe Grease Monkey
I was stood up

[She got me pretty bad…]

Maybe she had a bad day
Maybe I was out of luck
Maybe it was a huge
Maybe, but the facts remain stuck


A Blade of Grass

We hope, we pray
not to get hurt
But Life will blindly
          crush you to ground
A battered soul
          might wish for the end
But you'll go on
          Like a Blade In the Grass
I was beaten
Like a wing shot bird
I was left for dead
In a flowery garden
How is it that I’m trodden down
With no one to help around
It seems to me
It wasn’t meant to be
But this is what I found
A Blade of Grass
I’m standing tall
Drinking the light
When big machines
Cut me with knives
I did not ask
          For that kind of life
But I’ll grow back
Like a Blade in the Grass
How is it that I’m buried down
With concrete all around
I’m gonna be
The strongest part of me
And push up
through the ground
A Blade of Grass  

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August 31 2023    

A 'lost' track from 2001 featuring Eleanor Grant on lead vocals on "Dedicated To My Love For You" is due for relase on September 8th. All platforms.

August 20 2023   

Next album on track for release early 2024. 

March 10 2022

Holm CPU - ".login" released on Norske Albumklassikere. 

November 15 2019 

Released a new video: "Shock Bone". Off THIRD.

August 26 2019

"THIRD" got accepted to Pandora!

July 21 2019

Featured on Blue Desert. The premier site for fans of West Coast music.

July 9 2019

Live on Bear Radio.

July 7 2019

Released a new video: "Somebody to Love". Off THIRD.


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