1. Shock Bone

Shock Bone was borne out of a long simmering desperation of how humanity is treating its environment and planet. Pollution, extinction, catastrophic disasters, global warming, the list goes on and on. The emotion finally found expression in this song with its relentless 'doomsday' beat running throughout.


Shock Bone

We were sound asleep
We were in too deep
The hill was much too steep

We were locked to the past
We were running too fast
Now the bill is due at last

Up ahead
Clouds are darkening
Up ahead
Life is disappearing
It’s been said
We passed
the point of no return
It’s been said
That we can never learn

Water is burning
Mountains are crumbling
Weather is turning
Shock stone, shock bone

There’s a storm at sea
It wasn’t meant to be
Soon we will believe

I can feel the pain
Of the poisoned rain
It was all for no real gain

As we speed
To an uncertain future
Slaves to greed
Of nickels and dimes
As we grope
To arrive at some sanity
Graves of hope
We pray it’s not too late