Holiday greetings! 

Hi everybody. 

It's been a tough year for sure. All our plans went down the drain, as it did for most everybody else. Next year!

One ray of light in all of this has been that I suddenly found myself with all this time on my hand. I've taken advantage and have been writing new material at a steady pace. It now looks like we can go into production beginning of next year, so the next album is around the corner!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!




Why am I making such a big deal about being accepted to Pandora / Sirius?

Simply, it's because they are radio stations and strictly curated. You have to get through their approval process. 

Web-services like Spotify, on the other hand, must accept everything that comes their way. Your uncle, who just recorded his harmonica renditions of Elvis in his bathroom. He's on Spotify too.



The masters got done, finally. Bringing in golden ears Alex Kouznetsov and Stephen Pope at a late stage, we identified some problems and got them fixed as best we could. It's now too late to fix anything:) The physical CD will arrive in about a week.

Brooke R. Calder producing the new album 

Producer Brooke R. Calder will arrive in Santa Barbara this month to start the final production work on the next album. She will bring a new and fresh perspective to all the songs. It's going to be awesome!

New tracks 

We have started production work on a couple of new tracks. I'll be going to Norway in October to work in the studio with Atle. We plan to release one or two as singles beginning of next year. Watch this space for developments and maybe outtakes from the studio!

Dirty Love YouTube 

"Dirty Love" is getting a lot of plays on YouTube! Well. relatively speaking;) At least it shows up on the first page if you search for "Frank Zappa Dirty Love", right below Steve Vai's version!

Check it out if you haven't seen it already:

How many? 

How many times is "Power Of Two" written on the physical CD cover (including the disc), either in words or mathematically? The first 10-15 to send us the correct answer will get a copy of the first FrodoCPU CD. Submit through the Contact page. PS. You can't answer this question unless you have the actual CD (or you're cheating;).

The next album 


So it's finally here - the new FrodoCPU album! I started producing it in earnest around 2003-4 and the original expectation was to have it out in 2008-9 (yes, I take my own sweet time on this project). But then the big recession hit and I was knocked back a couple of steps. No need to go into any of those details, except to say that delays ensued. Anyway, I hope you'll like it as much as I do. As with the previous one, its strength comes from the collaboration with incredibly gifted individuals; be… Read more
THIRD tracks

August 31 2023    

A 'lost' track from 2001 featuring Eleanor Grant on lead vocals on "Dedicated To My Love For You" is due for relase on September 8th. All platforms.

August 20 2023   

Next album on track for release early 2024. 

March 10 2022

Holm CPU - ".login" released on Norske Albumklassikere. 

November 15 2019 

Released a new video: "Shock Bone". Off THIRD.

August 26 2019

"THIRD" got accepted to Pandora!

July 21 2019

Featured on Blue Desert. The premier site for fans of West Coast music.

July 9 2019

Live on Bear Radio.

July 7 2019

Released a new video: "Somebody to Love". Off THIRD.


THIRD tracks
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