1. Warm Wind

This song was originally recorded in Norwegian as "Varm Vind" on the Polydor 1982 release ".login" under the artist name HolmCPU. It was my one hit that reached number 1 on the lists and was played on radio for years. Listening to it again, I decided it had aged well and deserved another go. So I gave it a slight facelift, translated the lyrics back to English (it was originally in that language) and put it in the production queue. Hopefully it can still resonate today.


Years lost from sight
When nothing ever
seemed to go right
I’ve been locked inside
My winter’s prison
Where fate has turned its back
Drowning every little hope
While my screams die in silence

But a day is near
But the days are near
The day is here
I can feel it in the air

I can feel a
Warm Wind blowing in the rain
It brings the spring again

Where is the light
My friend,
to see that life has it right
when all you feel is
desperation’s darkness
Where joy is supposed to be
But listen to the wind’s voice
Your heart will find an answer

Everything will change
Everything is change
All that is will change
As night must turn to day

There will be a
Warm Wind blowing in the rain
It brings the spring again