The new album, THIRD, is out! Available from Spotify, Apple Music, AmazonPANDORA and other online stores and services.


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 Check out this remix of one of Frode's old funk classics: "FOTSPOR"

(Rerecorded on THIRD as FOOTSTEPS)







One of Frode's other projects: ALAMAR RISING


December 9 2020  

Next album slated for next year, 2021.

November 15 2019 

Released a new video: "Shock Bone". Off THIRD.

August 26 2019

"THIRD" got accepted to Pandora!

July 21 2019

Featured on Blue Desert. The premier site for fans of West Coast music.

July 9 2019

Live on Bear Radio.

July 7 2019

Released a new video: "Somebody to Love". Off THIRD.

June 25 2019 

The official release date of THIRD. It's now available on CD and on all major platforms.

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